Information for the Public

Organized in 2022, the CT Forum is a voluntary group of gathering leading vendors of Cyber Security providers. Members of the Cyber Transparency Forum have worked closely together in providing heightened transparency for Cyber Security products detection and creating a more intuitive method of displaying to Internet users.

Information for Auditors and Assessors

Adopting transparent security data for leading Cyber Security vendors, the forum will collect and transparently process anti-viruses' detection, prevention statistics and other important information on the forum

Information for Cyber Security Vendors

The CT Forum began in 2022 as part of an effort among Cyber Security softwares to provide greater assurance to Internet users about the malwares that are detected or blocked in a system by leveraging the detection capabilities of Cyber Security providers. Cyber Security Transparency Audit welcomes the participation of any vendor who has minimum of 100,000 protected devices (endpoints).

Information for Enterprises

The CT Forum has continued working to improve the transparency of security. The Forum adopted transparency of data security, and in 2022 created the New Security Standards for Cyber Security vendors. Vendors shares their historical statistics, granting permission and validation of the results to the Cyber Security vendors issuing audit certification. Testing organizations will require to apply to recommended policy settings at least default or hardened.